What You Should Know About Pesticide Disposal

As environmental friendly do the greenhouses sound, it still comes with a cost, which is to properly manage and dispose the pesticides. The environment can have some serious impact if the management of pesticide disposal Auckland is not handled with care. Now the question you might be thinking, how exactly can it happen? The answer is simple, the leftovers, pesticides containers and undiluted chemicals can lead to contamination of environment. Pesticides are often referred synonym to hazardous waste or harmful substances, usually because it requires proper care and handling when disposing it off. But what you should know, even transporting and storing of pesticides requires some care, because if different types of pesticides are mixed, or if there is a spill in the storage area, it can cause some serious health incidents and contamination of the facility. Pesticides being of such sensitive nature, processes and techniques such as Integrated Pest Management have been designed.

So we thought to keep it less technical and easier to comprehend, here is a list of things that you should know about pesticides disposal:
Never ignore the information mentioned on the back of the label. The detailed information tells you how to handle the pesticide, how much of the quantity is to be used, followed by the direction of use and the method of storage. Last but the most import of all, the label also describes how to dispose off the pesticide.

One way to dispose off the pesticide is by following the direction of use mentioned on its label. Whereas, there is another way. Many of the pesticides gets degraded and loses its element of being harmful once it is mixed in water or oil, hence, making it inactive. A change in the temperature of the pesticide can also make it inactive, and likewise, the same change can also make it an active pesticide.

After the use of pesticide and whichever equipment was used in the process, make sure you wash and rinse it off thoroughly. By doing so, not all but majority of the pesticide is removed and hence, making it exposed becomes near to no harm.

If you are not sure about how to manage the disposal of containers, once the pesticides have been emptied out and used, it is suggested to keep it safely stored until your waste management company can come and collect it. Let them handle the proper disposal.

Understanding the wide and unavoidable use of pesticides, many countries have environmental policies imposed to ensure the use of pesticides is handled with responsibility, which also means, to be responsible at the time of disposing it off. The empty container shouldn’t be thrown away at random. Make sure you not only rinse it thrice but also puncture the container so it can be reused or recycled for any other purpose.

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